Welcome to the Prana Writers Blog.

Prana Writers are a group of 11 Gold Coast writers dedicated to the craft of writing. By supporting each other and sharing our knowledge with other writers in the region we hope to develop, learn and celebrate together.

Our work spans a range of genres including speculative fiction, children’s, young adult, chic lit, contemporary drama, literary fiction, short stories and more.  Some of us write for children, some for young adults and others for the adult market.

We meet five times a year for a full day of workshops, free writing and critiquing and in between for coffee, drinks or special events.

We each take turns to give presentations on various aspects of the writing craft and also invite guest authors to join us and present workshops.

In these pages we hope to share our activities, some tips about writing,  our joys and successes,  our struggles  with writing, links we’ve found useful, upcoming competitions and of course some of our work.

3 Responses to About

  1. Hi Guys,

    Best of luck with your writing!

    Cheers, Rowena

  2. Dear Rowena,

    Thank you!


  3. kaygibb says:

    What an awesome final session of the year guys! Thanks for all your support and guidance throughout the year, here’s to a smashing finale which will hopefully set the scene for 2012.
    Good luck all for the award ceremony on Thursday!!

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